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​Report from European Standards meeting – Stability of seating

A meeting of the European Standards Committee developing test method standards for furniture, CEN TC 207 WG9, recently met in Nuremberg. The working group,chaired by FIRA’s Phil Reynolds, met to discuss a proposed draft revision of EN 1022 Furniture. Seating. Determination of stability.

The key points discussed were:

  • The standard combines requirements for general seating (as contained in the current version of EN 1022) and work chairs (as contained in EN 1335 Part 3).
  • There are potentially significant changes being proposed that could affect manufacturers, however as yet there is not full agreement for some of the more controversial changes. Further work is needed in September to finish the standard ahead of the Formal Vote stage.

Other matters discussed were the current work being undertaken to develop International Standards for Tables. Also the Working Group has been tasked with developing a Technical Report into requirements for shear and squeeze and entrapment points.

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