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New European Standard for assessing furniture surfaces published

This news article has been archived for reference only. It should not be relied upon for up-to-date information

A new standard has been published giving guidance on how to assess furniture surface finishes has been published:

  • BS EN 17214: 2019 Visual assessment of furniture surfaces

The standard sets out standard methodologies to assess all board based surface finished for surface defects and changes in surface glass. As well as standardising the assessment procedure the document also defines suitable test equipment, such as light boxes, to use to undertake an assessment.

The standard contains three specific methodologies:

Method A is a standard method for assessing surface defects on the majority of furniture finishes, and is designed to be used for a goods in/good out check in a factory;

Method B is again designed to be used for a goods in/good out check in a factory, but in this case focusses on ‘high gloss’ surface finishes;

Method C is a standard methodology for assessing surface finishes once the furniture has been manufactured/installed.

As yet FIRA does not have experience of using this standard, however if you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01438 777750 or email