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​FEMB Technical Committee Meeting Report - September 2016

On Friday 16th September FIRA took part in the latest FEMB Technical Committee meeting in Milan, on behalf of the BCFA. The European Technical Committee[1] meets regularly as a cross-country team of experts to review European norms and standards and monitors proposed changes in regulation.

The technical committee promotes the dissemination of knowledge and discussions on a variety of environmental and sustainability issues, providing a platform for industry professionals to share their experience and learning outcomes.

The latest meeting provided:

  • An update on Level scheme[2] approval process for accreditation and changes to the standard and guidance manuals.
  • An update to the proposed financing of the Level programme
  • A presentation by Valdelia[3] on changes to the Office Furniture EPR Scheme in France
  • An update on the latest changes to BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard and Tools[4]
  • A discussion on the use of fire retardants in furniture and possible cooperation with EFIC[5]
FIRA Members can login and view the full report here

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