Sustainability KPI Dashboard Template

Sustainability KPI Dashboard Template
26th July, 2022

At a glance:

An overview document alongside an editable KPI template which incorporates waste, supply chains, timber, packaging, energy, and community relations to help organisations understand and improve their sustainability performance


Sustainability KPIs are very important for understanding and improving the sustainability performance of an organisation. Data can be collected monthly within this spreadsheet template and summarised and compared to the previous year. Objectives and targets can be set for the year and checked whether end-of-year results have met/failed the targets set.

This resource provides an overview document alongside the KPI template which includes sections with formulas concerning:

  • General information
  • Environmental management systems
  • Waste management
  • Energy management
  • Packaging management
  • Transport management
  • Sustainable supply chains
  • Sustainable timber purchasing and sales
  • End-of-life management
  • Nuisance management
  • Community relations/charity work
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Workforce development and training
  • Employment
  • Competitiveness
  • Awards

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Sustainability KPI Dashboard Template

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