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ENDS Report - The environment after BREXIT

FIRA joined over 60 other delegates in attending a workshop event organised by the ENDS Report. Representation from Members of Parliament, Aldersgate Advisory Panel, regulators, industry representatives, NGOs and consultancies met to discuss the implications for the Environment after BREXIT. Notable attendees included Shadow Minister Dr Alan Whitehead (Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy), Joan Walley (Chair of Aldersgate Group), Martin Baxter (Chief Policy Advisor IEMA) and Richard Macrory (Chair UK Environmental Law).

The key topic for the meeting was to discuss the impact on environmental legislation as a result of BREXIT.

The environment is the most extensive area in which EU law is couched, and it is estimated that 111 EU Regulations, 256 Directives and 150 decisions directly or indirectly reference environmental legislation. Much of the discussion at the event related to whether the UK will seek to adopt all EU Laws and what the legislative process will be to adopt these laws.

The event comprised a number of presentations and panel discussions with question and answer sessions. The discussions focused on:

  • Key note speech from Dr Alan Whitehead Reviewing scenarios for hard BREXIT, soft BREXIT, clean BREXIT or dirty BREXIT
  • Discussion on the impact of the Great Repeal Bill on environmental law
  • Industry regulation, permitting and enforcement after BREXIT
  • Product legislation, producer compliance and market access after BREXIT
  • Legal drivers and obstacles to environmental protection after BREXIT
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