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New 'Sharps and Broken Needle Procedure' template

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The Furniture Industry Research Association have been developing further business support templates for members, and the first in the new series, 'Sharps and Broken Needle Procedure' is now available.

The template contains information for manufacturers who are involved in upholstery sewing, where needle breakage can be a common occurrence, and where health and safety is paramount in locating any needle remnants to ensure they are not left in final articles.

Created by Bruce Lovell, Consultant at FIRA International (the service provider to the Research Association), the template includes advice on procedures for needle control, needle supply control, control of needles in use, broken needle control, alongside a 'needle issue and disposal log'.

It then moves on to the sharps control section, including a 'sharps control log', which can be adapted to suit the type of work undertaken by the company.

The new 'Sharps and Broken Needle Procedure' template is available here.

Future templates planned in this current series include:

  • Health and Wellbeing policy
  • Sustainability Key Performance Indicator dashboard
  • UKTR Supplier Declaration Template & UKTR Risk Assessment / Mitigation Template
  • Risk Assessment Template for furniture products
  • FR Due Diligence Control Spreadsheet

Previous templates developed in 2021 for members include:

All templates are available to members of the Furniture Industry Research Association as part of their membership benefits. Non-members can purchase the templates via