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Lean Manufacturing Training Toolkit Part 4 released for members

The Furniture Industry Research Association has released the fourth part of its Lean Manufacturing Training Toolkit, which focuses on 'Standardised Work.' This methodology involves setting standards for work procedures to stabilize the process and ensure consistent output.

Using Standardised Operating Procedures (SOPs) in processes can have several benefits, including:

  • Safer working methods
  • Increased ownership and responsibility
  • Easy identification of abnormal conditions
  • Capturing the best know-how
  • Using Standard Operations as training documents
  • Achieving consistent quality, cost, and delivery

It also allows realistic target setting and highlights opportunities for improvement.

The toolkit provides theoretical and practical training in this lean principle and includes an agenda to plan a training course, a PowerPoint presentation with notes, and templates.

Members of The Research Association can access the Lean Manufacturing Training Toolkit 'Standardised Work' here.

Available for Non-members to purchase from the FIRA bookshop priced at £120.

The previously released parts of the toolkit are available for members to access via the following links:

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