Lean Manufacturing Training Toolkit - Part 4 - Standardised Work

Lean Manufacturing Training Toolkit - Part 4 - Standardised Work
12th February, 2024

At a glance:

This resource contains all the information needed to carry out practical and theoretical training exercises in the ‘Standardised Work’ concept with a team of employees


This is part 4 of a five-part Lean Manufacturing Training Toolkit to support furniture manufacturers looking to introduce lean principles into their organisation or re-energise their current lean programmes.

This methodology involves setting standards for work procedures to stabilize the process and ensure consistent output.

Using Standardised Operating Procedures (SOPs) in processes can have several benefits, including:

  • Safer working methods
  • Increased ownership and responsibility
  • Easy identification of abnormal conditions
  • Capturing the best know-how
  • Using Standard Operations as training documents
  • Achieving consistent quality, cost, and delivery

It also allows realistic target setting and highlights opportunities for improvement.

This toolkit includes the following:

  • Guidance for undertaking Standardised Work activity
  • Standardised Work training agenda
  • Standardised Work training presentations
  • Standardised Work presentation slide notes
  • Standardised Work support templates

Other parts of this lean toolkit include:

  • 5C Workplace Organisation
  • 7 Wastes
  • Visual Management
  • Quality, Cost, Delivery, Measures

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Lean Manufacturing Training Toolkit - Part 4 - Standardised Work

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