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Government White Paper on Immigration

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The Government recently published an Immigration White Paper, setting out the foundation for a single immigration system, ending free movement.

Leaving the EU will end free movement and ensure full control of the border. A new single immigration system has been designed based on skills and talent. The new system includes:

  • a skilled workers route open to all nationalities
  • lowering of the skills threshold on the skilled workers route to include medium-skilled workers
  • no cap on numbers on the skilled workers route, meaning that business will be able to hire any suitable qualified migrant
  • the abolition of the resident labour market test
  • a new time limited route for temporary short-term workers of all skill levels, including seasonal low-skilled workers
  • an extension to the post-study period for international students

The paper is available here.

Linked to this, the publication of The Good Work Plan and the Government’s response to the Director of Labour Market Enforcement’s Strategy are central to the Government’s plans to address the challenges of the changing world of work in the modern economy.