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Annual Review

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The Furniture Industry Research Association have released their Annual Review, covering 2018, with an outlook to activities planned for 2019.


The Annual Reviews opens with a high level overview of the work undertaken by the Furniture Industry Research Association. It them moves into an in-depth review of new standards released in 2018 from UK and international bodies. This is complemented by a section on standards in development, giving a good indication of what the furniture industry can expect over coming months.

Focus then turns to the ‘FIRA Compliance Scheme for the Fire Performance of Upholstered Furniture'. The scheme, which was launched in January 2018, recognised four organisations with ‘Certified Company’ by the close of the year for the due diligence they show to the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (as amended). Already in 2019 a further two organisations have also achieved ‘Certified Company’ status.

An abridged version of the Research Association’s annual ‘Statistics Digest for the UK Furniture Industry’ then follows, which highlights a 21% increase in consumer spending from 2014.

Exports, safety, skills and apprenticeships, environment, Brexit, fire safety regulations and interaction with Government are summarised in the Research Association’s work with the British Furniture Confederation.

This is followed by a section on the Furniture Industry Research Association’s plans for 2019, which are focused around the publication of new guides, a continued emphasis on standards and supporting members when further guidance on Brexit is confirmed.

Speaking on the publication, Charles Vernon, Chairman of the Furniture Industry Research Association said, “The theme of the latest Annual Review firmly places us at ‘the centre of knowledge for the furniture industry’, and this reflects the work we focused on throughout 2018. This theme is also mirrored on our website, which we have recently invested in to make it much easier for our members to access the information and research they need.

“I would like to thank all our members for their continued support throughout 2018. It’s only through this support that we’re able to undertake so much research and impart this knowledge with the sector. We look forward to carrying this momentum throughout 2019.”

Any organisations interested in becoming a member of the Furniture Industry Research Association should contact or call +44 (0)1438 777 700.

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