Electrical Accessories in Furniture: Guide to the GB Regulations

Electrical Accessories in Furniture: Guide to the GB Regulations
6th April, 2021

At a glance:

A guide to help designers and manufacturers of furniture incorporating electrical accessories to understand and meet the GB Regulations


There is an increasing number of furniture products sold in the domestic and contract markets that are designed using ‘off-the-shelf’ electrical components to enhance features beyond those normally considered important for furniture (strength, durability and comfort). As such it is imperative that the furniture industry has reliable access to information to ensure compliance and of course safety for the end-users.

By incorporating these features into the completed product, furniture manufacturers need to ensure their furniture complies with any applicable UK Regulations and understand UKCA marking of the completed product and that of the individual components used.


  • Introduction to UKCA Marking, including UK Regulations, designated standards, electrical products/components and related UKCA Marking Regulations
  • Installation and wiring regulations for furniture
  • Common UKCA Regulations and national standards related to furniture incorporating electrical accessories
  • Components incorporated as accessories into furniture and related standards for components
  • Proof of conformity for UKCA marking
  • Details for specific products including domestic tables incorporating UK sockets, bedframes incorporating Bluetooth speakers in the headboard, wireless chargers incorporated into the work surface, domestic sofas incorporating USB sockets and office desking incorporating wireless charging and USB pods

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Electrical Accessories in Furniture: Guide to the GB Regulations

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