Furniture Design Toolkit: Domestic Furniture

Furniture Design Toolkit: Domestic Furniture
31st January, 2015

At a glance:

This guide aims to provide designers with the tools needed to incorporate ergonomics, user trials, standards and legislation into the design process for domestic furniture


This guide was developed by industry experts with the following areas in mind:

General ergonomics/design
There are several general sections to help with areas like anthropometrics, task analysis and Standards. Specific suggestions are included in the sections for each furniture type. There are also links to other resources that this Toolkit does not cover.

User trials
A beautiful product is of no value unless people can use it. Great aesthetics and ease of use equate to great design. The best way to assess ease of use is through user trials. Within the Toolkit there is an introduction to user trials and how to conduct them to help get the best results. In addition, a sample questionnaire has been provided for use or modification as necessary.

For each market sector included there is an introduction to the basic legislation and Standards that are important to consider. This includes explaining which Standards the products need to comply with, and sometimes which clauses within a Standard are important to focus on.

The guide looks at the following areas:

  • Ergonomics and anthropometrics
  • Task analysis
  • User trials
  • Legislation and Standards
  • Bedroom furniture design
  • lounge/dining room design
  • Home office furniture design
  • Designing for the elderly
  • Bariatric furniture design

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Furniture Design Toolkit: Domestic Furniture

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