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Final part of Lean Manufacturing Training Toolkit released

The fifth and final part of our Lean Manufacturing Training Toolkit is now available for members of The Research Association. Part 5 focuses on ‘7 Measures of Quality, Cost and Delivery’, which are measurements and metrics that support and facilitate achieving improved manufacturing performance. Effective measures can energize the shop floor, promoting continuous improvement and competitive spirit.

To improve performance, we need a strong desire for improvement (the "will") and effective tools (the "way"). The "will" comes from a culture of trust and genuine buy-in from the shop floor, while the "way" comes from measures that can be influenced and controlled by those on the shop floor. This combination creates information democracy, empowering shop floor personnel with actionable information and a meaningful level of control over the process.

This training toolkit provides theoretical and practical training in this lean principle and will enable a team to establish some baseline measurements that will:

  • Indicate the current status of a process
  • Identify focus areas for the improvement activity
  • Identify and set targets
  • Quantify any benefits achieved
  • Drive further continuous improvement actions

Members of The Research Association can access the Lean Manufacturing Training Toolkit ‘7 Measures of Quality, Cost and Delivery' here.

Available for Non-members to purchase from the FIRA bookshop priced at £80.

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