General Product Safety Directive Guide for the Furniture Industry

General Product Safety Directive Guide for the Furniture Industry
26th March, 2019

At a glance:

This 43 page guide aims to give an understanding the scope of the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD).

Essentially the Directive ensures that only safe products are sold on the market. This includes new, second-hand and also reconditioned products, as well as commercial products which may end up in a consumers house. The Directive also complements sector specific legislation (such as the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988). Furthermore the Directive governs processes for tracing potentially dangerous products on the market to ensure that can be traced and removed to avoid any risks to consumers.


  • The primary objective of the GPSD and what is a ‘safe’ product
  • What products are covered, and not covered by the GPSD?
  • Who does the GPSD apply to with a close look at producers and distributors and their obligations
  • Placing products on the market and making the product available How products are assessed for safety, including risk assessments, reasonably foreseeable use / mis-use, hazard marking and warnings and voluntary European Standards
  • Due Diligence, including reliance on third party information
  • Technical documentation – The Technical file
  • Penalties and offences
  • PAS 7100: 2018 Code of practice on consumer product safety related recalls and other corrective action

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