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FIRA are the research partner of choice for the furniture and related industries

Research begins with a two questions - why and how?

Research allows you to gain appreciation for the practical applications of knowledge. Formulating questions, designing plans to find the answers, collecting and analysing data, drawing conclusions from that data, and sharing the findings with the industry are great drivers for carrying out research.

The process of creating new knowledge and spreading that knowledge is a great reward in its self and it would be stating the obvious to say that research benefits the whole of the furniture industry but the altruism underlying this reason may be the last reason we embark on research.

Gaining a market edge on your competitors is generally the reason for adding to our knowledge as with the lowering of economic barriers to trade, the easing of transport restrictions and the increasing effect of communications technology, furniture production is a highly competitive industry.

Some examples of Membership funded research projects can be viewed here

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