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​Revised Ecolabel criteria for furniture released

The EU Ecolabel scheme is designed to recognise the top 10% of environmentally friendly/sustainable product available in the European Union. On the 28th July 2016 the revised Ecolabel criteria for furniture was adopted.

The criteria aim to reward those products which have a reduced environmental impact during their entire life cycle, that use materials produced in a more sustainable way, limit the use of hazardous compounds, the levels of hazardous residues, the contribution of furniture to indoor air pollution, via measurement of VOC emissions and promote a durable and high-quality product that is easy to repair and disassemble.

The criteria is very comprehensive, which may be difficult for many companies to achieve, however products that can demonstrate that they meet the requirements can use the Ecolabel ‘flower’ emblem.

Take up of the previous criteria, for wooden furniture only, was very low. FIRA was involved in the development of the new criteria, representing the UK furniture industry, however we do have concerns that these extensive requirements may disadvantage small manufacturers who may not be able to demonstrate compliance.

The new criteria can be viewed here