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Research Association release second recorded training, with focus on biocides

The second installment of recorded training from the Furniture Industry Research Association is now available. The new ‘Introduction to Biocidal Products Regulation’ training forms part of a suite of five sessions being released on a weekly basis.

The recorded training, accessible online at any time by members of the Furniture Industry Research Association, aims to give high-level guidance on the EU Biocides Regulation (528/2012), alongside practical advice on how to substantiate claims made against a product's biocidal performance.

The session was developed by Bruce Lovell, consultant at FIRA International (the service provider to the Research Association). It covers how to define biocidal products and active substances; the process required to approve active substances; groups of products related specifically to the furniture sector; definition of a treated article and the labelling that is needed on a product if making a claim; responsibilities of manufacturers / importers of biocidal products or treated articles and how to substantiate any claims that are made against the product's biocidal performance.

The ‘Introduction to Biocidal Products Regulation’ joins the recently released ‘Introduction to Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Regulations’ session. Over the coming weeks the training suite will include:

  • Introduction to European Union Timber Regulations
  • Introduction to the domestic flammability regulations
  • Introduction to the contract flammability regulations

The ‘Introduction to Biocidal Products Regulation’ session is available to members of the Furniture Industry Research Association here. Further recorded training sessions will be added as and when they are available.