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OPSS survey - understanding the impact of the new approach FFRs

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In July 2019, the Government announced that it would develop a new approach to furniture fire safety. The new approach will focus on safety outcomes and will be underpinned by a set of essential safety requirements that all upholstered furniture must meet before being placed on the market.

The new legislation will be supported by voluntary British Standards which will be developed by the British Standards Institution (BSI) in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders, including those in industry, fire safety experts and consumer representatives.

The Government intends to consult on the new approach in early 2022 and a draft Impact Assessment will accompany the consultation. We acknowledge that actual costs incurred by businesses as a result of the new approach will not be known until we have fully developed policy proposals and BSI has developed new standards.

However, to help OPSS understand the potential impact of the new approach, they are seeking estimates of costs for:

  • Types of flammability tests such as composite testing, which involves testing a sample of the final product for ignition resistance, and component testing, which involves testing the cover and filling material separately
  • Holding technical files for 10 years and including information about chemical flame retardants
  • Labelling for chemical flame retardants

The results of the survey will strengthen OPSS's evidence base and help to refine the proposals for the policy.

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