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Office of Product Safety & Standards Publishes Latest EUTR Enforcement Activity

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The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPS & S) is part of BEIS, the Department for Business, Environment and Industrial Strategy. One of its responsibilities is to enforce the European Timber Regulations 2013 (EUTR), ensuring that those who first place timber or timber products onto the European Market have fulfilled their obligations as Operators under the legislation.

The OPS & S have recently published the latest quarterly report into its enforcement activity. This report highlights that many organisations are not fully aware of their obligations as an Operator when first placing products onto the European market.

It is a legal requirement that Operators implement a due diligence system that is compliant with the requirements of the EUTR. Operators must ensure that the risk of illegal timber has been properly assessed and demonstrate how they have mitigated risks of illegal timber within their supply chain.

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