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New Technical Report for childcare products published

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CEN/TR 13387-5: 2018 Child care articles – General safety guidelines – Part 5

This Technical Report is designed to help both standard makers draft standards and manufacturers supply suitable markings, instructions and warnings.

The document contains advice on:

  • The type of markings to be placed on a product
  • Durability of markings
  • Product information
  • The content of instructions
  • The format of warnings used

Product information given in standards has a direct impact on safety and should contribute to the avoidance of risk to the child however, product information is not intended to compensate for design deficiencies. Whilst this may not in itself make a product safer it is a means for the manufacturer to communicate key information to the user increasing hazard recognition and awareness.

The CEN/TR 13387 series comprises five parts:

  • Part 1- Safety philosophy and safety assessment
  • Part 2 - Chemical hazards
  • Part 3 - Mechanical hazards
  • Part 4 - Thermal hazards
  • Part 5 - Product information
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Copies of this Technical Report can be purchased from the BSI website here