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New CEN Technical Report published for Child care articles

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PD CEN/TR 13387-1: 2018 Child care articles - General safety guidelines - Part 1: Safety philosophy and safety assessment

This technical report contains revised guidelines that look at the hazards that are common to child care articles and have been compiled with the prime objective of harmonizing the approach to hazard and risk assessment and injury prevention. The general safety philosophy given in this document is based on the principle that child care articles should be designed to be safe.

The guidelines give recommendations on preventive safety measures to avoid injuries that could be caused by child care articles as well as risk assessment tables which can be useful in determining mechanical, chemical or thermal hazard types and a detailed Annex (A) featuring anthropometrical data and information on age / developmental abilities of children from birth to 48 months old.

The information given, although broad, is not intended to be an exhaustive list suitable for application across all child care articles nor do they cover all types of hazards such as inappropriate use of products, inadequate supervision of children or products used in a non-domestic environment.

The document is written in a hazard based format making it equally suitable for use by those with a general professional interest in child safety such as designers, product developers or those responsible for risk assessment of children’s products.

This part 1 of CEN/TR 13387 is intended to be used with Part 2 - Chemical hazards; Part 3 - Mechanical hazards; Part 4 - Thermal hazards and Part 5 - Product information. It supersedes PD CEN/TR 13387-1:2015 which is now withdrawn.

Copies of this report can be purchased from BSI here