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European standard for infant swings amended

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BS EN 16232: 2013+ A1: 2018 Child use and care articles - Infant swings

The amendment to the European standard for infant swings has recently been published as BS EN 16232: 2013 +A1: 2018. This latest edition of the standard supercedes BS EN 16232: 2013 which is withdrawn.

Whilst the main physical tests of the standard remain unchanged, there are a number of key amendments that the reader should be aware of.

A number of new normative references have been added, including reference to the European toy standard EN 71 Parts 2 - flammability (rate of spread of flame and surface flash, replacing EN 1103) along with Part 10 and Part 11 in relation to organic chemical compounds

Also added is a reference to EN 622 Part 1 (fibreboard specifications) and EN 717 Part 1 (determination of formaldehyde release from wood based panels). A new reference has also been added in EN ISO 14184-1 in relation to formaldehyde in textile parts.

One other important point of note is the inclusion of the undated reference to EN 71 Part 3 (heavy metals). The undated reference indicates the most recent version of the standard must be used, which is reflected by the inclusion of 19 elements in Clause 6.

Further amendments of note include the introduction of a new shape assessment probe, used in the assessment of entrapment hazards in conjunction with the 7mm and 12 mm diameter finger probes. The introduction of the new probe reflects guidance in the recently published CEN Technical Report PD CEN/TR 17202: 2018 Furniture - General safety guidelines - Entrapment of fingers.

Amendments can also be found in relation to product information with new graphic warning symbols.

A copy of the standard is available from BSI.

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