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Humanscale recognized for Ergonomics Excellence

The QuickStand® Under Desk from Humanscale has been recognized with an Ergonomics Excellence Award following assessment and user trials carried out by FIRA International.


The QuickStand® Under Desk is intended for use on fixed height desks, to encourage users to move from a sitting position to standing whilst they work.

Assessments showed that the range of movement for the QuickStand® Under Desk in either a sitting or standing position would meet the needs of the 5th-95th percentile of the population, making it a very inclusive product. Aside from this, the monitor height can be adjusted independently of the keyboard tray, allowing users to further adjust their workstation in order to find a comfortable screen and keyboard height. This is particularly beneficial to offices that ‘hot-desk’ and regularly adjust the setup of the workstation to suit varying users.

Speaking on the FIRA International Ergonomics Excellence Award, Brian Lee, Vice President of Product Strategy at Humanscale shared, “We’re delighted that our QuickStand Under Desk has been recognized for the benefits it brings to users. We designed the product to offer a workspace wellness solution that encourages users to integrate more movement into their daily routine. Incorporating more movement throughout the day can help prevent issues related to long-term sitting.”

Lee adds, “We designed the QuickStand Under Desk to blend into any office environment whilst allowing for unobstructed views when in the sit position. Alongside this, the central column beneath the desk surface and built-in cable management allows for a more usable desktop space and contributes to a more streamlined workspace.”

In addition FIRA International also confirmed that the QuickStand® Under Desk had met the applicable sections of BS EN ISO 9241-5:1999 Ergonomic requirements for office work with visual display terminals (VDTs). Workstation layout and postural requirements.

See more on the FIRA International Ergonomics Excellence Award.

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