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Global Circularity Report Published

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A recently published report by Circle Economy was launched at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Much of the report focuses on a new “Global Circularity Metric” which demonstrates how the prevailing linear economic models are failing people and the environment.

The potential benefit of the Global Circularity Metric is that it could become a key measure to demonstrate the progress being made towards a global circular economy.

The report suggest that over 90% of the raw materials consumed globally are not reused or recycled, which creates an unsustainable demand on the planet’s resources.

The report highlights the main resource leaks within the existing system including an overview of what happens to resources after their initial use. The report goes on to identify four steps to bridge the gap from linear to circular economy. It calls on world leaders to;

  • Build a global coalition for action
  • Develop a global target and action agenda
  • Translate global targets to local action
  • Improve understanding of circular systems

The report highlights the huge potential to reduce the use of natural resources (28%) and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions (72%), contributing to both the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.

The full report can be viewed at

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