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FIRA Service Technicians to resume customer visits

FIRA International, the service provider to the Furniture Industry Research Association, have confirmed a phased resumption of customer visits by their FIRA Service Technicians team which will be completed throughout June 2020. This change will enable customers of some of the industry’s biggest retailers and manufacturers to benefit from in-home furniture inspections and repairs.

The resumption will be in line with Government guidelines published on May 12 2020 concerning ‘working in, visiting or delivering to other people's homes’. Sections in the guidance included 'thinking about risk', 'interacting with householders’, 'cleaning the work area' and 'personal protective equipment (PPE) and face masks'.

Ian Sparrow, Customer Service Manager at FIRA Service Technicians, said “Following a small trial run of select customer visits, taking into account feedback from both Service Technicians and the customers in the trial, we now feel confident in widening out our service, albeit in a controlled manner to ensure compliance and safety.

“Over the last few weeks we’ve been changing our ways of working, revising our protocols and purchasing PPE equipment to ensure we will be offering a service which protects the welfare of our colleagues and our clients’ customers the next few weeks we’ll be constantly reviewing our process to make amendments and improvements as we move to the ‘new norm’.

“We totally understand that not all customers will feel ready to accept a technician into their home, or even be in a position to do so if they are ‘shielding’. In these circumstances we are utilising our photo-triage service as much as possible as an alternative. This enables us to diagnose potential issues online, which can negate the need for a physical visit.”

For further information on FIRA Service Technicians contact Ian Sparrow, Customer Service Manager, on +44 (0)7760 171 621 or