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​FIRA Invests in Testing Division

FIRA International has recently completed two investment projects, totalling £50,000 as part of its ongoing plans to update its test facility in Stevenage.

In December FIRA began upgrading its chair testing machines, moving to a state-of-the-art linear motors and control systems. The new systems not only apply a more precise test load, they can also run faster than conventional pneumatic systems. This is part of an ongoing upgrade plan that FIRA embarked on in 2015.

More recently, the equipment used to control the temperature and humidity within its conditioning rooms has been upgraded. These rooms are where samples are prepared for flammability testing and where timber products, whose performance is susceptible to changes in humidity, are tested.

Howard James, FIRA’s Testing Manager, said ‘We are committed to ensuring that we have the most up to date testing systems available. The investment in new control systems for our chair testing equipment means that not only are we testing to the most exacting standards, we can do this faster, getting results to our clients in the shortest possible space of time.’ Howard added ‘Upgrading our conditioning systems was also essential to ensure that we can cope with the larger volumes of testing that we have seen throughout 2015/16. It also demonstrates the commitment of new parent company, Exova, to our clients.’