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Consultation on restriction of Dechlorane Plus under the Stockholm Convention

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Since 2004 the UN Stockholm Convention has coordinated worldwide action on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), those chemicals which do not breakdown when released into the environment and can be transported through the actions of air and water systems across national borders

The UK Government as a signatory to the convention is consulting on the recent proposal that the flame retardant Dechlorane Plus (Dodecachlorododecahydrodimethanodibenzocyclooctane) (C18H12Cl12) is added to the list of currently restricted substances under the convention.

In the technical dossier providing the background for the restriction furniture is identified as one of the industries where this substance has historically found application. It has been used as a replacement for DecaBDE another flame retardant that is already restricted as a POP.

If any stakeholder wishes to comment as part of the UK consultation they must use the appropriate form available here.

The consultation closes on 7th March 2022 after which the UK Government will respond to the United Nations.

For further information about the Stockholm Convention, chemical restrictions and flame retardants please contact John Hubbard.