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2022 Annual Review is now available

We've just published our Annual Review for 2022 which gives details of all our work and activities during that period.

One of the highlights for 2022 was certainly the return of our annual reception - which saw us move to a new venue, The Museum of the Home in London. Work is currently underway for the 2023 Reception which is planned for May.

2022 also saw project work focus on a second series of the popular Business Support Templates, including:

We also published our Quarterly Standards Update in March, June, September and December. These are always an essential read for many of our members as they contain a wealth of knowledge of standards in development, ones under review and ones which have been recently published.

In addition 2022 also saw the publication of ‘Sourcing Furniture Products in the Supply Chain’. This guide aimed to support product designers, developers, importers, distributors, retailers and manufacturers of furniture and furniture accessories with all facets of supply chain, from responsible sourcing through to creating technical files.

To know more about all these projects, and our other activities you can see our Annual Review here.

If you're not a member and would like to join the Research Association you can see more about membership benefits here.

See the Annual Review