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The Furniture Industry Research Association Council


The Council of the Furniture Industry Research Association is in effect the Board of Directors, and each Council member is registered as a Director at Companies House.

An important distinction, not always appreciated by the outside world, is that the Council has no direct responsibility for, or influence over, the commercial business of the Research Association.

Instead its role is a very focused one, and that is as the representative of members (i.e. shareholders), ensuring funds are spent in the most effective way possible to ensure the long term success of the Research Association. In so doing, the Council has recognised that the Research Association's best interests are served by, wherever possible, ensuring that the work of the Association has relevance to the industry as a whole and not just the membership.

The Council meets four times per year, and while the Council is primarily composed of member representatives, it is also able to draw upon the wider skills and experience within the industry as it thinks fit, through the mechanism of co-opted members.

Council members