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The need for innovative and sustainable design as a matter of urgency…

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According to The Waste and Resources Action Programme (which operates as WRAP) an estimated 5.9 million end of life (EOL) mattresses in the UK were disposed of in 2014. 73% were sent to landfill and 11% were incinerated.

Over their short lifespan, mattresses provide the perfect eco-system for dust mites, their faeces, our dead skin cells and bodily fluids as well as bacteria and viruses.

Which is why Ammique has created a hygienic mattress-free sleep system that is guaranteed for a lifetime

“It is becoming increasingly clear that at some stage in the future it will be deemed to be entirely unac-ceptable, for either environmental or financial reasons, to simply send end of life (EOL) mattresses to land-fill as a method of disposal.”
Tony Lisanti in the National Bed Federation 'End of Life Report for Mattresses'
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