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Shaping up to a healthier future

The pandemic has certainly had a considerable impact on how consumers make their decisions. There is understandably a new obsession with cleanliness. Anxiety and a reluctance about sharing space with complete strangers is another. With the focus this year very much on how the hospitality industry can offer its guests a basic safety assurance that the guestroom will be spotlessly clean; little wonder that the hospitality industry and its guests are concerned about cleanliness and hygiene.

Up until now, there has been no alternative for guests or the industry. No matter how much a hotel invests in its mattresses and no matter how plush those mattresses might feel, the fact is that guests will be sleeping in close contact with a mattress that they know has been slept on by strangers and cannot be deep cleaned or thoroughly sanitized between stays.

In its first year, the average mattress will have accumulated dust, dust mites, dust mite faeces, dead skin and over 87 litres of bodily fluids (per person) and harbouring three million bacteria and viruses including MRSA , Campylobacter, Norovirus, Micrococcus, Enterococci, fungi & mould – and then there’s the possibility of bed bugs.

This is bad enough to deal with at home but even worse when traveling, potentially leaving many consumers to decide that it is safer to stay at home and sleep on their own mattress rather than risk sleeping on a hotel mattress that has already been slept on by an unknown number of others.

Having deteriorated in support and in hygiene, it is hardly surprising that mattresses need to be replaced every seven years or sooner, which is hardly ideal given the difficulty choosing a mattress in the first place.

It is also an environmental nightmare. In the UK alone, every day; around 22,000 end of life mattresses are disposed of with the majority destined for landfill or incineration.

The Ammique® bed is not a mattress nor does it require a mattress. It is a total reinvention of the bed and is guaranteed for a lifetime, having been designed to address all the problems associated with mattresses and built to perform and to last.

Developed and engineered with consistent support, hygiene, sleep, and sustainability in mind, it is a cleaner and greener sleep solution than any other.

At Ammique, we believe there is no future for business as usual, and that innovative businesses can collaborate with like-minded businesses to play a leading role in the transition to a sustainable, inclusive and safer future where ecological, ethical and economic priorities are not competing interests.

We welcome discussion, collaborations and partnerships in a pure sleep revolution that will change how the world sleeps and shape a healthier world.

I love a hotel but do have to focus hard on keeping my mind off the beds thousands of previous occupants, no matter how high the thread count of the sheets. So a new invention from a Somerset neighbour comes not a century too soon. With not a natural fibre to be found, the Ammique (trademarked by the way!) is made up of hundreds of plastic nubs that adjust to your body weight, offer amazingly comfortable night’s sleep and can be wiped down and disinfected between every user. Modelled in a variety of styles to suite the most design conscious buyer I’m baffled as to why none of the big hotel chains have yet to leap at the marketable possibilities. Goodbye to any bed bug epidemic for starters!

Mariella Frostrup TV Presenter and Journalist

The Ammique story is truly fascinating and what an exceptional product you have created. It has turned the traditional way of thinking about sleep and comfort into a new dimension.

Dids Macdonald, OBE (CEO of Anti Copying in Design)