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Gratnells prioritising production of medical equipment in response to demand generated by Coronavirus outbreak

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In these difficult times, when emergency measures are being taken to meet extraordinary demand for medical equipment, Gratnells has focused production lines on complete medical trolleys with storage trays suitable for wards, surgeries, pharmacies and clinics. Regularly used by the NHS, these trolleys are ideal for the on-site storage and rapid transport of PPE and other medical equipment.

Gratnells also manufactures a specialist charging tray that can charge 10 USB devices at once, keeping data capture and communication working around the clock.

Production staff at the Harlow plant have been trained in good hygiene control, and are working in revised patterns to observe safe social distancing. The supply chain for raw materials is robust, and any spare capacity is being used to build for stock, to enable immediate dispatch of new orders.

The Gratnells range of medical trolleys and trays uses an anti-microbial additive that inhibits contamination and helps with infection control.

A large number of trolleys have already been supplied to the London Nightingale Hospital and production continues at full pace.

More information on Gratnells medical range of storage trolleys can be found here.

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Preparing Gratnells medical trolleys for Nightingale Hospital, London