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GB Foam Introduces Reticulated Outdoor Seating Foam with Superior Fire Resistance

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GB Foam, a leading foam converter in the UK, is proud to announce their new reticulated cushion foam with enhanced fire resistance; a first for the UK market.

The all-new, Quick Dry reticulated foam offers a superior level of fire resistance when compared to the industry standard. The new product has undergone rigorous testing and has demonstrated significant signs of improvement in both comfort and safety.

During ignition tests, the industry-standard reticulated foam ignited quickly and molten material soon began to drip. When tested under the same circumstances, the new Quick Dry foam self-extinguished. GB Foam Ltd captured the results on video to demonstrate the dramatic difference between the two materials burning.

"We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best products available and our new reticulated foam is no exception," said a GB Foam representative. "Our commitment to safety is at the forefront of everything we do and we’re proud to offer a new product that enhances fire safety."

Quick Dry Foam Response

This new product has already attracted the attention of many outdoor furniture and seating figures. It will make a significant improvement for seating manufacturers, who desire the quick drying benefits that reticulated foam offers, alongside a much safer level of fire resistance.

For more information on GB Foam Ltd and their new fire-resistant outdoor seating foam, please visit their website GB Foam Direct, you can also contact the team directly on 01494 441177 or by emailing

Testing the New Reticulated Foam

Video Snippet Retic Burn Test
Quick Dry Reticulated Foam Burn Test

As well as being independently tested by official bodies, GB Foam conducted a sample burn test to demonstrate the difference between industry-standard reticulated foam and their new Quick Dry foam. You can view the full video of the Quick Dry foam burn testing on their website.