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Say Goodbye to Unsightly Grout with minerva Shower Wall Panels

Posted 22nd August, 2016

Let’s face it, unsightly grout and discoloured tiling in the shower is a familiar sight to all of us from time to time. Many “experts” will claim to offer a cleaning recipe using anything from an old toothbrush and some bleach to a splash of vinegar mixed with baking soda to make a cleaning paste. This might deliver a short term fix, but before long the unsightly grout is back, and even worse, dirt that clings to grout will make the shower unhygienic too.

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  • Minerva Copper Fleck 5 Lowres

    minerva Copper Fleck - all minerva worksurfaces are supplied ready for installation with smooth factory machined edges.

  • Minerva Caramel Crunch 2 Lowres

    minerva Caramel Crunch - no special preparation procedures are necessary to achieve beautiful imperceptible, seamless joints.

  • Minerva Grey Crystal 1 Lowres

    minerva Grey Crystal - minerva solid worksurfaces are manufactured to a full 25mm thickness with colour throughout.

  • Minerva Sparkling White 3 Lowres

    minerva Sparkling White - with minerva there is no waiting for complicated templates to be produced.

  • Maia Brazilian Greige Front Cover Lowres

    maia Brazilian Greige - create sweeping curves to match the growing trend for curved kitchen doors.

  • Calcite Eggs Detail Lowres

    maia Calcite - maia worksurfaces are heat resistant, impenetrable to dust, dirt and bacteria and are very easy to clean.

  • Galaxy Spaghetti Lowres

    maia Galaxy - maia sink modules come complete with either brushed stainless steel sinks or white acrylic bowls.

  • Maia Beige Sparkle Lowres

    maia Beige Sparkle - maia designer worksurfaces are both stylish and durable, representing a truly innovative solid surface alternative to the high cost and inherent drawbacks of natural stone.

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