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Hille Educational Products Limited

Business Type Market Sector Product
Manufacture Educational Children's furniture Educational furniture Nursery furniture Seating / upholstery Tables and desks
Manufacture Transport Seating / upholstery
Manufacture Healthcare Seating / upholstery
Manufacture Hospitality Seating / upholstery
  • Polyside  P5  Dark Grey  Side

    The original Poly Side chair designed for Hille by Robin Day and launched in 1963, which went on to become a worldwide success. Re-launched recently in partnership with the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation the chair faithfully retains all of the original features, a true design classic.

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  • Pepper Pot Chair 3qf  Purple

    The New Pepperpot chair was launched in 2015 to match in with our popular Pepperpot stool. The chair has been designed for the greatest comfort and has been fully tested by FIRA to EN1729. With the Pepperpot range we look to offer exciting alternatives to the norm for classroom environments whilst still maintaining the cost efficiency and product durability that today's schools demand.

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  • E  Series 2  Colour Change

    The Series E is the original classroom chair designed for Hille by Robin Day and launched in 1971. Various options are available including 6 heights of chair as well as linking, writing tablet, upholstered, swivel chair and stool versions. Series E is available in a wide range of colour options to co-ordinate with any environment.

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  • Se6 3qrf  Green

    The SE chair was developed in conjunction with Birmingham City University and designed by Richard Snell and David Rowe, tackling the important issue of improved posture whilst learning. The SE range was launched in 2010 and designed around the importance of support to the lower back either side of the spine limiting rearward rotation of the pelvis which in turn ensures a good general posture. SE is available in 6 heights as well as wooden seat, linking and swivel chair versions.

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  • Toro Angled

    Designed for Hille by Robin Day, Toro is the high performance beam seating for many public area applications. Manufactured for severe contract use with safety, strength and comfort in mind, the seating units are specified worldwide for hospitals, airports, stations and shopping centres. Toro has been a long standing choice for the London’s Underground network.

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  • Woodro Angled

    Woodro is the perfect timber option for public area seating where the beauty of natural wood is required. Ideally suited for outdoor use by virtue of its hard wearing iroko timber seats. Applications include waiting areas, transport concourses and recreational uses.

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