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Gopak Ltd

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Manufacture Educational Educational furniture
Manufacture Hospitality Dining / living furniture
Manufacture Garden / Outdoor Garden & conservatory
Manufacture Educational Tables and desks
Manufacture Children Educational furniture

Proud British manufacturers for over 60 years
Gopak is a long established British manufacturer of multi-functional furniture, having been incorporated in 1954.

Located in the coastal town of Hythe in Kent, our products continue to be the number one choice for a vast number of customers who recognise the flexibility that our furniture can provide.

The items we manufacture include our “signature product” the iconic Gopak lightweight folding table, along with stacking benches, storage trolleys, and Ultralightportable stages. Continuous improvement and innovation is really important to us as a business and we are constantly adding new furniture to our range.
The latest products to be added are Project tables and Changing Room benches as we expand our range of Enviro products which include maintenance free and 100% recyclable Enviro outdoor furniture.

  • Bean  Paradiso530

    Enviro Bean Table

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  • Children Hall 5mb

    Enviro Daisy Table

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  • Enviro 23

    Enviro Table & Benches

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  • Enviro 41

    Outdoor Enviro Tables & Benches

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  • Enviro  Shield

    Enviro Shield

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  • Gopak Enviro Children

    Enviro Classroom Tables

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  • Round Lime

    Enviro Round Tables

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  • Trape 710  Gp58

    Enviro Trapezoidal Table

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