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Fellowes Brands

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Manufacture Office Office products
Manufacture Office / commercial installation Office products Tables and desks
Manufacture Office Office / commercial installation Office products

Fellowes Brands is the global name behind ergonomic and workspace solutions. As a family-owned business that was founded in 1917, everything that carries the Fellowes name is more than just a product.

From workspace sit-stand solutions to ergonomic products - it’s a promise of quality, performance and customer care. The company operates from 18 locations across the world with over 1500 employees in the Fellowes family. See for more.

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Get Ready for a healthier workspace with Fellowes
  • Uk 2018 Sit Stand Seeding Campaign Warm Up Sit Stand Solution

    Stand up for a better way to work, effortlessly. Fellowes Sit-Stand Solutions are practical, smart, and an alternative to sitting that can promote more movement into your working day. Height adjustable desks give you a sit-stand workstation option, and a tailored workspace.

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