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Community Playthings

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Manufacture Educational Childcare products Children's furniture Educational furniture Nursery furniture

Community Playthings designs and manufactures children’s furniture
and toys. Our number one commitment is to quality, and this translates into our
guiding principles for design: simplicity (natural wood, open ended designs
that spur imaginative free play); durability (research at design stage, built
to take a beating); and safety (compliance with regulations, extensive field
testing of new products, oversight of production processes). Quality customer
service is also a priority for us. We value our customers’ input, which is one
reason we sell direct. No middleman to deal with, long-lasting products, and
free delivery explain why we don’t offer discounts: they’re already built in.
Customers often tell us that they can sense our love of children through our products.
In fact, our entire operation revolves around children—and not only yours, but
our own. Most of us are parents, and when it comes to schedules, our families
are just as important to us as our work. There will always be new challenges,
new questions, and new opportunities. But we can promise you that one thing
won’t ever change: our firm conviction that every child deserves a childhood.
As long as we’re in this business, we’re committed to helping make that a

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