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Manufacture Domestic Beds Mattresses Seating / upholstery

ADVANSA is a leading polyester fibre manufacturer in Europe, based in Germany and serves customers worldwide through a network of representative offices and logistic centres in Europe, Asia and the USA. Founded on its heritage of DuPont technology, ADVANSA is well known for its innovation and significant investment on research and development.
Through its comprehensive know-how in the use of modern technologies, ADVANSA develops and markets a wide range of specialty and differentiated fibres that combine comfort, technical performance and sustainability in itself.
With more than 50 years of experience in the field of polyester, ADVANSA R&D engineers have developed an extensive range of fibre fillings, especially for pillows, duvets, mattresses and furniture; staple fibres with modified cross-section especially for technical applications such as hygiene, medicine, construction, automotive and industrial demand; and finally polyester fibres for applications such as cleaning, protection and decoration. All these products meet the customers' needs in particular in everyday life and allow them maximum productivity and provide them with added value.
ADVANSA is committed to reduce the environmental impact and to continually improve the sustainability of operations and products.ADVANSA has been awarded due to its efforts, achievements and fibres with several international eco-label.

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