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Manufactured to your specification

UK-manufactured equipment to your specifications

The furniture testing team at FIRA International have a wealth of expertise in designing and building testing equipment for you to use in-house.

Our UK-made equipment has been shipped worldwide. When we work with clients we always start by considering their needs in terms of voltage, and safety warnings in local languages. We can also translate user-manuals and arrange for a colleague to visit your facilities to ensure a smooth set up, and deliver training if required.

We can either design and build to an existing British or European standard, or alternatively we can create equipment to meet your specific testing needs. Equipment can be designed and built to test tables, chairs, beds, storage furniture and more, whether this is for domestic or commercial use. This covers both the structure and also coverings, for example the textiles, foams and fillings.

We can also build to specific needs if you focus on a specialised sector such as education, hospitality, office or medical.

All equipment is designed to test durability, stability and safety. Specialised flammability testing equipment is also available for textiles and foams.

We can ensure that your staff are fully trained on using the equipment, from setting the equipment prior to the test, taking into account any ‘conditioning’ the product should be subjected to, through to looking for signs of testing passes or failures, and how to interpret results.

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