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Table and desk testing

  • Tables And Desks Strength Safety 3

    Safety, strength
    and stability

  • Tables And Desks Durability 3


  • The structural team at FIRA International test all types of domestic and contract tables including desks, dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, outdoor tables and educational furniture tables.

    The key areas we test tables and desks to are:

    • Safety - areas such as sharp edges and entrapment points in folding mechanisms
    • Stability – making sure a table won’t topple if you leaned or sat on
    • Strength – ability to withstand normal use loads, as well as foreseeable misuse, such as standing on a table
    • Durability – assessing the performance of the table over its lifetime
    • Glass fragmentation testing

    To understand what tests you need for your table or desk contact the experts at FIRA International. When they understand more about your product(s) and it’s intended use then they will be able to detail what standard(s) it needs to meet.

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