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Surface finish testing

  • Surface Finish Ukas Accredited
  • Surface Finish Resistance To Substances
  • Surface Finish Resistance To Heat
  • Surface Finish Fira Specific Standard
  • Surfaces of furniture such as cabinets, kitchens, desks and worktops need to be able to withstand the rigours of day-to day-use. Spills, hot saucepans, hot cup marks and scratches can all take their toll and reduce the lifespan of your products.

    Our UKAS-accredited finishes lab can conduct tests to measure:

    • Abrasion, impact, scrape and scratch resistance
    • Resistance to wet and dry heat, typically over the range of 55°c - 160°c depending on service use
    • Chemical resistance, including oils, acids, bleaches, tea and coffee

    The experts at FIRA International test to all the main standards, and have even developed their own standard, FIRA 6250:2007 Specification for Furniture Materials.

    Contact our experts who will be able to explain the test(s) applicable to your specific product and what standards you should be looking to meet.