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Health, safety and
environmental update

The range of regulations on health, safety and environmental (HS&E) issues continues to increase. Not surprisingly, many companies struggle to keep abreast of developments as they have no single source of comprehensive and unbiased advice.

The latest versions of the International Standards Organisation Management Systems certifications built around Annex SL mandate that businesses demonstrate awareness of their compliance obligations.

The scope of the management systems and the risks and opportunities that exists must reflect the information held in the legal register and what systems are in place to ensure the business remains compliant when legislation is updated or changed.

Environmental legislation in the UK and Europe is stringent and often its complexity presents businesses with a significant challenge. Considerable uncertainty exists with regards to BREXIT and what impact that will have on environmental legislation in the United Kingdom.

Increasingly environmental legislation is also a responsibility for devolved administrations, meaning that a business with operations in England, Wales & Scotland has additional complexity managing its compliance obligations.

FIRA’s Club Green sets out current and forthcoming environmental legislation, including how to dispose of waste, minimise energy and handle hazardous substances. Unlike other schemes, Club Green is specifically designed to support the furniture supply chain.

You can fully understand these regulatory commitments from just £30 per month.

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