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Ergonomics in the work place have become increasingly prominent. However, many products, whilst exhibiting some ergonomic features, fall short of many decent ergonomic criteria.

The FIRA International Ergonomics Excellence Award recognises companies who design and manufacture ergonomically outstanding products, especially those that meet and generally exceed the requirements of British and European standards.

Ergonomically excellent products are likely to improve efficiency and productivity as well as eliminating or minimising the ill effects of twenty first century offices and work practices. They are also likely to reduce the incidence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) as well as absence due to MSD’s.

Ergonomics Excellence criteria

To achieve Ergonomics Excellence your product will be independently assessed by our ergonomics department and must fulfill the following criteria:

  • excellent ergonomic qualities
  • designed according to appropriate ergonomic criteria
  • user friendly
  • promote comfort and well being for the user
  • fit for purpose both ergonomically and structurally
  • user safety
  • comply with relevant health and safety regulations
  • meet or exceed the minimum requirements of current European, British and FIRA standards on ergonomics, structural integrity and safety
  • be manufactured by a company with high quality standards and a good environmental policy.

The benefits of achieving Ergonomics Excellence

Differentiate your products

'Ergonomically designed' is a popular term with consumers and is therefore widely used by manufacturers. This award means you can label your product to show that its design and manufacture have been independently assessed and met the ergonomics excellence criteria.

Reassure your clients

More and more employers now understand the benefits of ergonomics for workforce health, wellbeing, morale, retention, attendance and productivity. This recognition of excellence provides reassurance to those looking for ergonomically designed workplace furniture and workstations to improve business outputs.

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