Technical Services

FIRA consultants offer expert help across the whole furniture supply chain, investigating innovative ideas to enable value adding improvements in products, processes and services.

They have a wealth of experience in all types of consultancy and auditing, such as ISO 14,001, ISO 9001, Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme (FISP) and European Timber Regulations.

Their wide range of expertise includes ergonomics, environment, technical and research. FIRA’s expert witnesses are recognised by courts and Trading Standards Officers as premier experts in furniture in the UK.

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Our Experts

FIRA offers expert help across the whole furniture supply-chain and has over 65 years experience in doing so. Our experts investigate innovative ideas to enable value adding improvements in products, processes and services.

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Our highly qualified ergonomists provide services to all sectors of the furniture industry – to assist with the integration of ergonomics into design and purchase solutions, maximising the comfort, safety and efficiency of their products, minimising risk - and clearly differentiating their products in the marketplace.

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FIRA is helping to lead the furniture industry towards more sustainable working. Our environmental and sustainability experts provide a range of services to help the industry understand its responsibilities and assist those who wish to gain credentials to help them stand out from the rest.

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A small investment in due diligence, flammability training and testing at the start of the process could be priceless when dealing with product safety issues and protecting your brand.

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Expert Witness

FIRA experts habitually solve substantial numbers of problems and frequently stand as expert witnesses in court. Manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, consumers and enforcement authorities can all benefit from authoritative, independent advice

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