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FIRA Service Technicians

Coronavirus update

27 May 2020

Following government advice, FIRA Service Technicians made the sensitive decision to temporarily suspend the operations of its workforce, in order to maintain the health and safety of our colleagues and our mutual customers.

Fortunately we have been able to maintain our triage services and continue to support all of our clients and customers through this period, successfully resolving what we can where we can, in some cases without the need for visits altogether.

During these unprecedented times, we have stayed in contact with our loyal and valued clients, continuing to provide the personal service on which we pride ourselves and maintaining the view that ‘the customer comes first’. It has been reassuring that you and your customers have remained patient, understanding and caring throughout this lockdown period and we hope this has brought our working relationship closer and demonstrated a compassionate approach to the needs of our colleagues who are so critical to delivering a quality service.

As the UK slowly begins to recover from this pandemic, it is a good time to reflect and learn from this experience and to understand how we can support our clients safely and methodically. Going forward, we will continue to pre-check all cases to ensure that a visit is vital and where a visit is unavoidable. Steps have been introduced to ensure all our workforce operate safely, with the introduction of PPE measures and improvements to working practices such as social distancing and sanitation. Additional time will be factored into our appointment processes to enable our technicians to be fully compliant with health and safety regulations.

We will begin with a measured approach, in order to understand how your customers respond to appointment bookings. Only when customers understand and are comfortable with the measures we have in place and are happy to accept appointments, will we return to their homes. It is our intention to start contacting customers over the coming weeks and to gradually reinstate our service technician team, with the aim of having the team back to full strength by 15th June 2020.

Our customer service team will also increase to enable them to personally contact customers, in order to both explain and reassure them about the health and safety precautions we have implemented. If the customer is then happy to do so, we will offer service technician appointments. We will remain flexible during this period and accept that not all customers will want a visit immediately. We will aim to work through our backlog within the coming weeks and return to a normal service offering by the end of June.

We will continue to communicate frequently with customers and will provide a link to enable them to book their own appointment at their convenience. Communications will include our safe working practices and a summary of what to expect during the appointment process. We will shortly share a document with you outlining in more detail the safety practices we are implementing.

We would like to reassure you that despite the current challenging conditions, we can be flexible and in our approach to ensure we deliver a safe, high quality service to both our clients and customers. However, we must also recognize that out of necessity we have had to implement some changes to the way we operate and we would like to thank each and every one of our business colleagues and partners for your patience,
understanding and on-going support.

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