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Reporting suite

A strong area of the FIRA International Service Technicians package is our reporting suite. This gives key analytics and trends which may be affecting your business and furniture supply chain. This highlights any potential product defects, for example by fabric, stitching, interiors, frame, components etc. enabling you to investigate or recall products before more consumers are affected.

You can also run reports on our service performance, setting your own time frames to review our lead-times, repair performance and report delivery.

These reports also help you identify costly handing issues which are affecting your business - giving the opportunity for re-training or re-tendering. You'll also be able to identify any misuse issues and develop appropriate care guidance and/or sales training. In summary our reporting can help improve future product performance, reduce handling damage, improve packaging and product care information.E

Existing clients can login to the Service Technicians reporting suite, raise referrals for customers and book inspection/repair appointments here

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