Furniture inspection and repair

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For retailers and manufacturers

Many leading retailers and manufacturers use FIRA Service Technicians as part of their customer care programme. We support retailers and manufacturers in a number of ways:

Furniture Inspection and repair

Whether you are a multi-national retailer or manufacturer who are looking to support thousands of customers, or a sole trader who needs support on an ad-hoc basis, FIRA Service Technicians can meet all your inspection and repair needs. Our impartial service reassures customers that they will receive a fair and independent service. Find out more

Warehouse services

We have a number of specialised Service Technicians based within the warehouses of some of our retailers and manufacturers. Their primary role is quality control by inspecting returned items of furniture, with the aim of identifying potential production defects to protect consumers and minimise potential customer complaints. Damaged furniture repairs are also available as part of our warehouse services. Find out more

Reporting suite

Our full reporting suite helps you analyse statistics and look for trends which directly affect your business. For example product defects (perhaps by fabric or components) will be flagged, giving you the option for recall, minimising further customer impact. See more on our reporting suite.

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