Furniture inspection and repair

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Consumer services

Every week our technicians help hundreds of customers through inspection and repair services. These customers are via referrals from retailer and manufacturer clients we support.

To use FIRA Service Technicians you first need to contact your retailer of manufacturer in line with their customer care procedure. If applicable you’ll be referred to us and we’ll book an appointment (available between 07:00-18:00 Monday to Saturday).

Our independently trained technicians will discuss your complaint and concerns with you regarding the product and will thoroughly investigate the issues raised, they will carry out any relevant testing and if appropriate repair the product.

One of our 100 technicians will then inspect your furniture, take photos and generate a report which you’ll have time to read and sign. The report is sent to your retailer/manufacturer, and they may choose to share a copy with you.

If a manufacturing fault is found and a repair can return the item to a high or ‘as new’ standard, the technician may be able to carry this out during the visit. Alternatively, for example if there is not time or if parts need to be ordered then our customer care team will be in touch to arrange a further appointment.

If the issue is not a manufacturing fault then your retailer or manufacturer will contact you to discuss the report and its findings.

Should you find that your furniture is out of warranty, or your retailer or manufacturer is not able to assist you as part of their furniture care procedure, you may wish to use our Independent inspection service.

Supplier Disputes

For disputes with a furniture supplier we suggest you contact the Furniture Ombudsman