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Test Equipment

Whether you are a manufacturer looking to carry out selected tests on prototypes prior to independent validation or setting up a furniture test laboratory, FIRA is the first point of call for furniture test equipment and expertise.

FIRA test equipment has been developed based on FIRA’s 60 years of experience in furniture testing and knowledge gained from developing the British, European and International standards for furniture. FIRA has skills in all areas of furniture testing including timber-based materials, surface finish performance, textile performance, flammability, structural strength, durability and stability.

Today, FIRA experts sit on over 50 British, European and International Standards Committees and in many cases chair the Committees. This gives FIRA unparalleled knowledge of the standards, forthcoming changes and revisions. Chair Test

FIRA’s equipment is unique in its flexibility, allowing it to be re-configured to suit the many different types, shapes and designs of furniture. The equipment is also designed to be adapted to test to all current British, European and International Standards, including standards currently in development.

One of the unique features of FIRA test equipment is that many units have multi-functions and are able to test chairs, tables, beds etc, thereby minimising the cost and space requirements of an initial laboratory set-up.

Where FIRA does not manufacture the appropriate piece of furniture test equipment, we can help you source it from a suitable supplier.

To complement the furniture test equipment offer, FIRA provides a range of support services including:

  • Laboratory partnership/accreditation
  • Training in furniture testing and standards
  • Calibration services
  • Installation and commissioning services